A brand film showcasing the context and how it aims to help the victims. The brand film also shows how Elan would interact with popular cartoons like Sinchan to further develop the relationship of trust with the victims. 
It is essentially an added online feature to the various social media chat boxes like Instagram, Facebook, Snap chat, and also other gaming chat box sites like Dota, which are usually the hunting grounds for online sexual abuse.
Brand Mechanism: It consists of pop-up cards which would pop up after analyzing the text and the gravity of the situation. It would only generate when users are feeling unsafe or insecure about certain conversations and are not sure of what they should be doing next. Below are the six card deck illustrations which pop up in accordance with the need of the crisis. For example, the Magic Hat is used to determine whether you should continue with an ongoing conversation especially when you come across strange requests and you are not sure whether you should give in or not or how should you carry on with the given conversation. It also helps you to decide whether you should accept a given friend request or not. 
Brand collaterals like posters and goodies could be used for offline promotion purposes.

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