The Main Context of the Brand Ideas:
The brand for Samsung Gaming services was developed under the umbrella brand for Samsung Services Architecture. The core idea behind this brand was 'Just Play' which in other words stood for making online gaming experiences fun, simple, and hassle-free. To successfully execute the given core ideas it had three main strategies. First was (In)visibly enhanced which meant that the cutting technology would aid the needs of its users and would help in enhancing the experiences rather than enforcing any of its technological benefits on its users. The second one was the 'Humanly Connected', which aimed to empower the audiences in every instance of their connected lives. The third strategy 'Humanly Connected' aimed to carefully curate the content whilst keeping in mind the needs of its end users.
The Cascade: The primary visual device for this brand
The Cascade is the unique visual device that is the driving force for everything we do. It has a un - bounding energy that tells stories, amplifies shows, sparks delight, and celebrates the extraordinary service of Samsung TV Plus. It is designed in the ratio of 16:9 to represent the diverse screens on which Samsung Services could be accessed. The brand for Samsung Gaming Services was a further extension of the other Samsung Services which is why the logo for the aforesaid brand was developed using the 'Cascade', the primary visual device of the umbrella brand. 
The conception of Ideations for the brand:
Ideation1: Map-scade
The 'Cascade' is essentially the guide to unraveling the most fulfilling experiences as a gamer whilst you are on the platform. It provides you with plausible answers that you could explore to satiate your needs as a gamer
Ideation:2 Unfolding
The world of gaming is a world in itself which coexists alongside the environment that we traverse in real-life contexts and we the players are essentially positioned at the epicenter of the world of gaming. In short, it is of the people, for the people, and by the people.
Logo Explorations for the brand, 'Samsung Gaming Services:
The ideations for the logos were made out of the 'Cascade'. The main ideation behind these logo explorations was to exhibit the idea of different 'Gaming Levels'.
Logo explorations for the umbrella brand, 'The Samsung Services':
Continuing with the further exploration of the dominant visual device 'The Cascade', here the primary aim was to showcase the fact that Samsung Services could be availed on multiple screens.
Game Code Design:
Several gaming icons were developed whilst keeping in mind the essence of the brand. Special brand languages were developed using these game codes.
Visual Explorations for the brand

Instagram posts

Ad banners

Further brand exploration: Cascade personalities
Premise: What if the 'Cascade' turns into a gaming character? 
This was done to give a personalized touch to the users whilst they are on the gaming platform where the 'Cascade' could turn out to be individual gaming characters keeping in alignment with the user's gaming preferences.

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